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Plastic bags are not completely banned in any city in the United States. Single use plastic carrier bags that are below 2.25 mil thick (4 mil in some cities) are banned, regulated, taxed or have a fee placed on them. These bags are commonly referred to as T-Shirt bags, but can also be other styles of bags.
Bring Back Bag® are produced to be over 2.25 mil thick or the gauge required by the city ordinance. They also pass any required testing that a city may require.
No, Bring Back Bag® are actually better than those options because they are highly reusable. If you "choose to reuse" you will save money on bag purchases and you will be performing the second best step in the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle cycle.
Of course. Our bags are highly recyclable and there is a demand for recycle plastics (polyethylene in this case). Just bring your bag back to nearly any gorcery store and put it in the bag recycling bin.
Most Bring Back Bags® are made from 30% to 60% recycled material. We are a custom manufacturer and work with each customer on how they would like their bag produced, so each bag is different.
No! (except in Portland, Or.) The way most bag ordinances are written it seems as if you have to offer paper bags but you don't.
Like anything that is reusbale it can get dirty and carry bacteria but this can be fixed by simply washing your bag. Bring Back Bags® are simple and easy to wash with just soap and water.

Bring Back Bags® are white on the inside and not porus like fabric bags so they do not absorb & hide dirt/bacteria.
The best and easiest way to wash your Bring Back Bag® is in the sink the same way you would wash out a plastic container. Simply put a little antibacterial soap on the inside of the bag along with some water and rub the inside of the bag together or use a sponge. Then you simply rinse the bag out and hang dry upside down.



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